Teenagers keywords of the year 2016

ranking teenagers baseball umpire

What word is keyword of the year for teenagers?

The keywords-of-the-year contest for 2016 was held by U-CAN Japanese publisher on Dec 1st, and "Ka-mitteru" means "rocking it" wined Grand Prize.

On the other hand, teenagers think other words as keywords-of-the-year because judges of this prize are 40's and 50's. Therefore Mezamashi-TV which is Japanese Tv program did survey for teenagers.

No.1 is "Manji" , it means Buddhist mark in Japan though many people remember Nazi. Japanese use this mark since Nara period(710-794 CE). Of course, its history is longer than Nazi.

However, most teenagers use "Manji" not Buddhist mark but just pose for photo. Moreover, they shout it when something lifts them up.

manji pose

The origin of that is not known, someone shout it during history class or pose imitating baseball umpire for photo. One of Japanese baseball umpires pose like 卍 when the pitcher throw strike is famous for baseball fans in Japan.

japanse umpire

The second is "Yoki" means good, the third is "Maru" means period, and "BFF" is shorten word of Best Friend Forever.

What word will be hit in 2017?