The Akihabara Electric Town

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Akihabara Electric Town isn't just a shopping street for electric appliances.

The Akihabara Electric Town (Akiba Denki-Gai) the street in Tokyo has wholesale shops selling big appliances, microscopic components and more. It's famous for buying various electric appliances cheaper than other place.

Nowadays, electronics stores in Akiba is dacaying in comparison to 1990s in Japan because they lost to big electronics retail stores and online shops in price competition. However, many shops in Akiba sell electronic parts and junk which big electronics retail stores don't sell, so Akihabara Electric Town is best in the world in that scene. Indeed, it's a common saying in Japan that you give up the electronic parts you want if you can't find them in Akiba.

Furthermore, there are many shops selling game software, animation goods and toys in there instead of electronics stores. Publicity posters and signboards designed Japanese anime characters at the front of them delight not only customers for shopping but tourists. Akihabara and Akihabara Electric Town is called the sacred place of Japanese subculture.

You may enjoy Akihabara Electric Town without shopping for electric appliances.