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Enjoy special products from all over Japan!

The CHABARA (CHABARA AKI-OKA MARCHE) under railway viaduct of Soubu Line at Akihabara in Tokyo is the very small shopping mall has many shops gathered from all over Japan. CHABARA is the coined word Yachaba (means fruit and vegetable market) unite Akihabara.

In Shokuhinkan (Nihon Hyakka-ten) has 65 shops selling special products: fruits, confectioneries, peanuts, vegetables, Japanese tea, SAKE and more. Especially, you'll be surprised it sells various flavouring peanuts. The staff give you demonstration sales of them.

There are Komaki Shokudo restaurant provides Shojin Ryori (Buddhist cuisine which is namely vegetable dishes) and Yanaka Coffee provides 30 kinds of special coffee. In addition, cooking classes are held there sometimes.

CHABARA is the worth place you enjoy special products and dishes from all over Japan while you are in Tokyo..