Food ranking of convenience stores

donburi ramen noodle karaage kun

What food is most hot in convenience stores!?

Japanese TV program "SmaStation" shows popular food ranking of three convenience stores, SevenEleven, FamilyMart and Lawson in 2016. This ranking is diveded into Donburi(rice bowl dishes), noodle and fried food.

The first of Donburi in SevenEleven is Oyako-Don. It is a bowl of rice with boiled chicken and egg on top, Oyako means parent and child. The second is Chuka-Don which is a bowl of rice with stir-fried vegetables and meat on top.

The third is Gyu-Don which is also called Gyu-Meshi. It is a bowl of rice with boiled beef and onion flavored with soy sause and more. It is interesting many people buy it in SevenEleven though there are Gyudon restaurants everywhere. The number of Gyudon restaurants,Yoshinoya, Sukiya and Matsuya in Japan is about four thousand.


The first of noodle dish in FamilyMart is Tonkotsu-Ramen which has pork broth. It is also called Hakata-Ramen because Hakata city is home of this noodle. You can enjoy authentic flavors without visiting Hakata city because there are many convenience stores all over Japan.

The first of pasta dish in Lawson is Naporitan which is popular pasta dish in Japan. It consicts of spaghetti, ketchup, vegetables, sausage or bacon. It differ from Italian tomato sause pasta in sauting pasta with ketchup after boiling. It originated in Europe, but was transformed into Japan-specific ones. Therefore Napolitan is no relation to Napoli(Naples) in Italy.

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The top three of fried foods in FamilyMart, fried chicken dominate the top three, Fami-Chiki(FamilyMart's Chicken), Premium-Chicken and Spicy-Chicken. Fami-Chiki is popular for ten years, and its recipe is not changed from since it released.

On the other hand, in Lawson, the first is Kara-age-Kun, the second is Genkotsu-Korokke, the third is Potato-Korokke. Kara-age-Kun is crispy fried chicken nuggets, and has many kinds of tastes, spicy red, cheese, butter, tartar sause and more.


It is popular for thity years longer than Fami-Chiki, and is sold 500,000 pieces per day. Lawson turns over 300 million yen a year by it only. The second and third, Korokke consit of chopped meat and seafood or vegetables with mashed potato like croquettes.

You would go convenience stores rather than looking for restaurants when you visit and arreive at Japan in the early morning or at midnight.