Souvenir Ranking of Japan

yokan and manju sensu fan souvenir ranking

Souvenir from Japanese to foreign people!?

The souvenir ranking 2017 from Japanese to foreign people is announced by NTT Marketing Corporation. One thousand Japanese participated in this survey, and report what present they bring when they travel or go on business trip to foreign countries.

The first is "Wagashi (Japanese-style confections)" occupied 49% in this ranking. The second is candy and snack food, the third is ingredients associated with Japanese dishes.

souvenir ranking in 2017

In Wagashi, the first is "Yokan" which is a jellied dessert made of red bean paste. It keeps for a year by vacuum pack. The most popular Yokan is Toraya's one in Japan. Toraya has made Yokan since 1586, and has its signature Yokan called Night Plum(Yoru no Ume).

The second is "Manju" which is a ban made from flour, rice powder and red bean paste. It is standard present for celebration like wedding, baby birth and more. The third is "Senbei" which is a rice cracker generally seasoned soy sauce. Fried it and sweet it are also popular.

yokan and manju

In candy and snack food, the first is "chocolate", the second is "Senbei", the third is "Pocky" which is a chocolate snack. Pocky is called Mikado in Europe, and sold around the world. However, there are various pocky only in Japan. Pocky sasoned melon, grape, cherry or sweet potato sold only locally.

In ingredients associated with Japanese dishes, the first is "Dashi" which is a class of soup and cooking stock. Dashi is used many Japanese dishes like Ramen, Soba, Nabe and so on. The second is "Miso" which is fermenting soybeans with salt. Miso soup is made from Dashi, Miso and some ingredients. People accepted Dashi and Miso can cook genuine Miso soup everywhere. The third is "Ramen" which is Japanese dishes consinting of noodle, soup and toppings. Ramen for souvenir usually has noodle and soup base.


In Japanese goods, the first is "folding fan(Sensu)" which is an implement used to fan for cooling. The point of Sensu is not only light and can be miniaturized but also its design. Most of it has Japanese featrure like Fujisan(Mt. Fuji) and more. The second is tea bowl(rice bowl) called Chawan, and the thrid is wrapping cloth called Furoshiki.

It might to be good idea to buy above souvenirs when you travel Japan.