Entrance ceremony in Japan

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What Japanese do in the entrance ceremony!?

An entrance ceremony called Nyugakushiki in Japanse is the welcome ceremony of school. It is often held in the begining of April. A student in many countries get into a school in September, but Japanese student get into a school in April. However, that has not always been in April.

In Edo period(1603-1868), students could get into schools called Teragoya, Shijyuku and Hankou at any time. In the begining of Meiji period(1868-1912), they could do it only in September because Meiji government imported the foreign method of education.

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In 1868, Meiji government promoted entrance into elementary school in April because fiscal year of Meiji government started from April. In 1900, this government made a law of entrance into elementary schools and junior high shools in April. In 1921, all of the schools including colleges started grades from April 1st and end March 31th. Nowadays, Fundamental Law of Education ordains that.

The program of most popular Japanese entrance ceremony is below.

New students meet own homeroom teacher and calssmates after this ceremony. Parents of new students attend a ceremony of PTA(Parent-Teacher Association).

Gerally speaking, parents wear a suit in this ceremony. A spring color suit is popular for mothers, white, light gray and pastel color. On the other hand , a dark color suit is popular for fathers. Some mothers wear Kimono which is a traditional Japanese garment.

japanese satchel called Randoseru

By the way, many grandparents give a present to their grandchild when a grandchild get into an elementary school. A present is often the Japanese satchel called Randoseru. Randoseru is a backpack made of stiched firm leather. An elementary school student carries their textbooks, notebooks and other school supplies by Randoseru for six years.

You can experience Japanese culture through looking at new students and parents if you travel Japan in the begining of April.