April Fool's Day in Japan

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April Fool's Day in Japan!?

April Fool's Day is the day many people play practical jokes and hoaxes in April 1sts. Most Japanese call it except Day, April Fool.

April Fool's Day came to Japan in Taisho period(1912-1926), it was called "Shigatsu Baka" which means April Fool. April 1st was the ungrateful day(poor correspondent day) before it spread. It came from China was the day that people who were poor correspondent write a letter to apologize for not writing for a long time.

Japanese newpapers also published the articles for April Fool's Day when April Fool's Day came to Japan. However, it reducesd for some time because it was an alarmist news. It revived after April Fool's Day spread perfectly in Japan. Nowadays, people enjoy joke of mass media and frineds.

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Not only mass media and people but also many Japanese companies tell joke in April Fool's Day before they aware of it. For example, Toei Animation Co. which is a Japanese animation studio joked that Dragon Ball Super started new season titled survival of new members of society. Goku fights against economic crisis and factional strife in the joked season. Many Japanese are looking forward to companies' joke.

You can experience Japanese culture through April Fool's Day joke if you travel Japan in April.