Dembo-in and its Garden

demboin entrance demboin garden demboin main temple demboin pond

Dembo-in and its Garden isn't usually open!

The Dembo-in and its Garden designated as National Scenic Beauty in japan lies left of the Sensoji in Asakusa. It houses Kyakuden (a building where guests are received) and the entranceway was constructed in 1777, has historic value. The image of Buddha Amidha and mortuary tablet of eleven shogun of Tokugawa (general officer of Edo age) is in the Kyakuden.

Dembo-in has a garden of some 12,200 square meters was created by prominent tea master, architect and garden designer Kobori Enshu. Now, it's the place for wild birds relaxing to left the urban hustle and bustle.

However, Dembo-in isn't usually open to the public, so if you'd like to see it, you should call ahead main office Sensoji (03-3842-0181) or go there in spring specially opened around end of March to May each year.