Misaki Minatomachi Festival

Misaki Minatomachi Festival tuna ramen

Misaki Minatomachi Festival in October!

Misaki Minatomachi Festival is held in the Miura city of Kanagawa prefecture on the last Sunday of October. Misaki fish port is one of the largest landing ports for tuna fish in Japan.

There are many restaurents and shops near this port. It is a popular spot for day trip because it takes an hour and a half by train from Tokyo station to Misaki-guchi station. This festival is full of tuna dishes and events.

Misaki Minatomachi Festival

There are many stalls provide tuna dishes in this festival, tuna sushi, tuna fritters, tuna burgers, grilled tuna and more. Especially, tuna ramen which consists noodles and soup topped with a tuna is very popular for visitors. An Instant noodle of it is also sold, and it is good for a souvenir.

There are also many shops selling a tuna and tuna processed products. A tuna exhibition and spot sale fair attracts many prople above all. It is impressive that a staff handled a kitchen knife expertly to fillet a tuna fish in this sale. This shop sells rare parts of tuna like a head, eye, tail after cutting. It also sells a tuna preserved in miso or sake lees.

tuna noodle and soup

In addition, some events related a tuna entertain visitors of this festival. There are a lottery event have one tuna fish wheighed about 40kg(88lb) for a winner and a quiz event to expect wheight of a tuna fish. Dancers and musicians playJapanese traditional folk song in the stage of this festival.

By the way, a tourist information office at Misaki-guchi station helps tourist of Miura city. It provides popular shops and traffic information around there. Note it opens from 9:30am to 5:00pm, and an engish speaking staff are duty on only Sundays.

If you travel Tokyo, it might to be good idea to go and eat a tuna of Misaki in the Miura city.