Grape picking Budo-gari

grape bbq

September is best season for Grape picking!

Grape picking called Budo-gari in Japanese is one of the Japanese agritourisms. Some plantations are "All you can eat for 1000yen(10dollars)", the others sell grapes by weight. Visitors of "All you can eat" pay extra charges in cash when they pick too much grapes to eat.

There are many agritourisms without grape picking in Japan, strawberry, peach, apple, cherry, melon and more. Some plantations sell set of apple and grape picking.


September of Japan is well known as best season for grape picking. However, greenhouse and plantations in cool region starts grape picking on June or July. Yamanashi preeture is most popular region for grape picking. People can pick various grapes there from the middle of August to the middle of September.

For example, there are Kyoho, Delaware, New York Muscat, Neo Muscat, Shine Muscat, Koshu, Sunny Rouge and more. Kyoho, Koshu and Sunny Rouge have been grown primarily in Japan. Additionaly, some plantations grow grapes organically.

Visitors of grape picking can enjoy not only it but also picnic and BBQ though rules vary depending on each plantations. Generally speaking, plantations lend only BBQ tools, and don't provide foods without grapes. Some plantations also have restaurants and hot springs. Visitors can take a good rest and refresh physically in a hot spring after grape picking.

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Grape picking fee is from 1000yen to 3000yen(from 10dollars to 30dollars). The price of "All you can eat Delaware" is low, the price of "All you can eat Kyoho" is high. Grape picking including souvenirs is more expensive. Souvenirs are generally made from grapes, grape jam, grape sherbet, grape juice.

If you travel Japan in September, you can enjoy grape picking and can experience Japanese culture through it.