full-moon night Jugoya

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Full-moon night Jugoya in September!

Many Japanese watch and enjoy the full-moon night on 15th of September called Jugoya. This event is widely known as autumn event in asia. In Japan, this event means not only enjoyment of watching the moon when the moon is most beautiful but also thanking nature because autumn is harvesting season.

In the past, Jugoya was on August 15th of the old calender, and the day was called "Chushu" meaning the middle of autumn in Japanese. Jugoya is also called "Chushu Meigestsu" for that reason, and Meigetsu means bright moon or harvest moon in Japanese.

full moon

In addition, the current Gregorian calendar is a solar calendar, but the old calender based on the waxing and waning of the moon. Therefore, the day of Jugoya change between middle of September and beginning of October every year. Many Jugoya events are on September 15th for convenience sake. The moon on this day is often not at the full.

The way of enjoy Jugoya needs Tsukimi-dai, Sanbou, Tsukimi-dango and other offerings in Japan. Japanese put Tsukimidai which is a small table for a moon on the veranda, and offer Tsukimi-dango and other offerings on the small table called Sanbou, and put pampas grass near them. They eat them and drink sake(rice wine) with watching a moon.

Tsukimi-dango made from rice flour is moon-vieewing dumplings like full moon. It means thanking for autumn harvest because people harvest rice in autumn. A pampas grass means instead of rice plants since the begining of September is little early for harvesting them. Pampas grass is also known as a charm against evil because of its cut end is sharp.

Sake with watching moon

There are a lot of famous places for viewing moon in Japan. Especially, Daikakuji in Kyoto, Sarusawa pond in Nara and Ishiyama-dera in Shiga are known as three major moon spots. In addition, many people view and enjoy a moon in Katsurahama known for Ryoma Sakamoto, near Himeji castle, Kudanzaka in Tokyo and more.

By the way, there are many dishes named Tsukimi which means watching a moon in Japan. Tsukimi-udon and Tsukimi-soba are noodle topped with raw egg, Tsukimi-tsukune is chicken meatball cooked with yakitori style with raw egg.

Mcdonald's Japan Tsukimi-burger

In addition, Mcdonald's Japan sells Tsukimi-burger consisting of patty and fried egg between slices of bread. It go on sale for a limited period every year, and sold well every year.

If you travel Japan in September, you can experience Japanese culture through Jugoya and Tsukimi.