Umi-biraki(Opening beach)

umi-biraki okinawa's sea and beach shonan's sea and beach

The first day of opening beach Umi-biraki!

The first day of opening beach for bathers is called Umi-biraki in Japan. Shinto priests often pray for success and safety in the Umi-biraki day.

The Umibiraki day is usually in July, and is towrad the end of July in Hokkaido colder than Tokyo. On the other hand, the Umibiraki day is end of March or beginning of April in Okinawa hotter than Tokyo. The fastest Umibiraki day is Januaray 1 in Chichijima and Hahajima of Ogasawara island.


The temperature of Ogasawara island is about sixty eight degree(Fahrenheit) in January. You should go there if you want to swim in Janurary. However, you cannot go there by airplane, so you ride ocean liner from Tokyo to Chichijima for twenty five hours! This ocean liner runs once a day. In additon, swimming there is difficult depending on the weather.

Okinawa which has beautiful sea is a best beach if you want to enjoy Japanse sea. Beach hut and shop open from March to October, and you can enjoy beach.

okinawa's sea and beach

In addition, not only praying but also fireworks and Eisa are held in Okinawa's Umibiraki day. Eisa is the traditional performing arts for that local young peole parade with dancing and singing. You can see them in only Okinawa. It takes two and a half hours from Tokyo to Okinawa by airplane.

You should go Shonan area if you want to enjoy Japanese beach near Tokyo. Shonan area has many famous beach in Japan. For example, Yuigahama, Shichirigahama, Enoshima and Zushi are famous as popular beaches near Tokyo. Fireworks, beach volleyball tournament and beach Sumo and more in Umibiraki day is held at these beaches. Shonan area also has many tourist spots like Yasaka shrine. It takes about an hour from Tokyo to the above beaches by train.

shonan's sea and beach

Best season of enjoying Japanse beach and sea near Tokyo is from end of July to end of August. Jellyfish appears and stings someone in September, so you should avoid to swim in September except Okinawa. If you travel Japan in summer, you can enjoy not only tourist spots but also Japanese sea and beach.