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July and October is Koromogae season!?

Koromogae which means seasonal change of clothing is Japanese traditional custom. Japanese change clothes because of four seasons. They change clothes two times,on the first day of June and the first day of October, every year. Koromogae is not coercton, but custom.

This custom comes from China in Heian period(794-1185.A.D), and transformed into Japan over time. After repeating change, Japanese do Koromogae on above days in Meiji period(1862-1912.A.D). Nowadays, it has conversion period for two weeks or one month.

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However, Japanese in some region don't do Koromogae on above days. Japanese live in Hokkaido where is north of Japan do Koromogae two weeks later than usual because Hokkaido is colder than Tokyo. On the other hand, Japanese live in Okinawa where is south of Japan do Koromogae one month before.Though Koromogae is not coercton, student and worker wearing uniform do Koromogae after conversion period.

It is also important for people wearing Kimono(traditional Japanese clothing) to wear it beautifully and to keep it for a long time. There are several types of Kimono, Awase, Hitoe, Usumono and more. Japanese choose which Kimonos to wear depend on season and events. For example, they wear from in October to in May, wear Hitoe in June and September, wear Usumono in July and August.


In addition, Koromogae is the opportunity to clean and arrange cloths. Many Japanese take cloths which they don't wear until next Koromogae to the laundry. They arrange them to wear them next time after cleaning.

Koromogae is Japanese traditional custom, but it weaken little by littele now. Global warming break four season, Japanese feel the term of spring and autumn is shorter. In addition, lifestyle become more convenient by air conditioner both in summer and in winter without changing cloths.

By the way, Koromogae has no relation to shop's sale. Many shops have a sale in January and June. Spring cloths are on sale from the beginningof April to end of May. Summer cloths are on sale from beginning of July to end of August. Autumn cloths are on sale on end of October to end of November. Winter cloths on sale from beginning of December to end of January.