Donburi dish(Domburi dish)

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The history of Gyudon goes back over 150 years!

The history of Gyudon goes back over 150 years, its origin is Gyunabe in Meiji period(1868-1912). Japanese people were prohibited eating beef until Meiji period. Gyunabe's...


Katsudon spread with buckwheat noodle!

Buckwheat noodle restaurants called Soba restaurant or Sobaya in Japan supported spreading Katsudon all over Japan. Buckwheat noodle has been popular among...


There are various Kaisendon in Japan!

Especially, Kaisendon of Hokkaido prefecture is very popular because it is more delicious than it of other area. It has become a synonym for delicious dish of Hokkaido. In...

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Japanese have been eating a eel from the earliest times!!

Japanese people have been eating a eel from Jomon period(before 14,000 to 300BC) because a fossil of eel in an earthenware called Jomon doki was found. The first...