Japanese traditional cuisine

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tea ceremony

Cha Kaiseki ryori

Kaiseki-ryori(Cha-kaiseki) was established by Sen-no-Rikyu who was a master and votary of tea cremony from Sengoku period(1467-1568) to Azuchi-momoyama period(1573-1603). Therefore, Kaiseki-ryori has the spirits of tea ceremony, Wabi-sabi, season...

kaiseki ryori(haiseki ryori)

Kaiseki ryori

Kaiseki-ryori was also called Haiseki-ryori in the past. Haiseki means a seat for Haikai, ryori means a dish. The start of it was Haiseki party held by Saimu Yamamoto at Myomanji temple of Kyoto in 1629. He served some dishes and alcoholic drinks...

kyo- ryori

Kyo ryori

Kyo-ryori developed along its own paths because of Kyoto's history and location. Kyoto was the capital city of Japan for about 1,000 years from 794. It flourished as the political, cultural and economical centre. People in Kyoto were influenced by...


Shippoku ryori

Shippoku-ryori is Japanese traditional cuisine in Nagasaki prefecture. It was made of Japanese dishes and foreign dishes, Chinese, Dutch and Portuguese cuisene. Several people sit around a red round table, and eat dishes on a platter in this...