Free WiFi(MANTA) at Tokyo Metro

tokyo metro(subway) ticket counter at metro signboard at metro

Do you know free-WiFi at Tokyo Metro?

The subway in Tokyo called Tokyo-Metro is indispensable for sightseeing in Tokyo the same as the train called JR-EAST(East Japan Railway). MANTA(Metro Amusement Network Trinity App) operated by Tokyo-Metro is free iOS and Android app for connecting the free WiFi cover Tokyo-Metro's station. You can use this WiFi after applying for the membership registration to get ID and password(See below for details). This ID and password can be used not only this WiFi but also 7-Eleven's free-WiFi called 7SPOT.

If you would like to use this WiFi without app, see below for details. Note the limitations of the number of times and time, five times in a day and fifteen minutes at one time.

How to connect this WiFi(not membership registration):
First of all, choose Tokyo-Metro's network whose SSID is Metro_FREE_Wi-Fi, and launch Internet browser such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox. Tap Access the Internet here and Register now button. Read Privercy Policy, if there is no problem, tap I agree and Next button. Input your e-mail address and tap Confirm button.

how to connect Tokyo-Metro Free-WiFi(Step1)

Finally, tap Register button and read description of internet security, if there is no problem, tap I agree button. Then, you can connect to the internet.

how to connect Tokyo-Metro Free-WiFi(Step2)

By the way, Tokyo-Metro sells the One-day Open Ticket for 1,000 yen(about 10 dollars) and operates Transfer Planner. You'll be comfortable to do sightseeing in Tokyo if you buy this ticket and change trains according to Transfer Planner.